Birds Without Wings

if you were a bird,
my dear
(with feathers and glass-drop eyes)
i would have loved you
for a moment,
maybe watched you fly
into the air on finch’s wings

birds do not shatter the heart
which does not swallow easy,
finding love within the bounds
of nests and eggshells,
dying with the winter leaves

birds do not kiss
like starving men, nor shiver
when touched, nor wipe
away tears with five fingers
and a smile

birds do not teach women lessons
like how to love a thing so much
it purifies you,
finds a place
in the bottom of your belly
warm enough for a god to live in

so you are a man,
my dear,
though my fingers know your skin
like a bird knows her skies

& there is no nest I like better
than the warmth of your neck,
& no wings I prefer to your spirit,
& no song I’d rather listen to
than the words
that go so carelessly
spilling out of your mouth


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